Punktual is happy because he is always punctual.

Playful Design

  • Gridy Pool is the only pool which allows fishing and shark raising. It’s because the humans are not afraid of sharks, and the fishes don’t get hooked. Behold! How peaceful! Their respective doings are no means to ends. They enjoy very much of their moments soaked in clean pool water.
  • Gridy is the name of an island. It lies somewhere between the sky and the ocean. Abundant in natural resources and great views, it says the underground of the island glitters with gold, but covered with ordinary dust and dirt. It’s your haven and the heaven, only if you want it.
  • Sweet looking beasts, you just can't resist.

Serious Design 🤣

Design is how it works.

Modular User Interface
Modular UI is our secret weapon. It cuts the hazzle of maintenance, keeps things simple and flows smoothly.

Superp is an easy-to-use and beautiful stock system for small businesses.

Card design is not just a trend. It’s a brilliant way to summarize content composed of different elements.

Design is also how it looks.

We used to make products as well.

Recodin is a journal app for developers and techies. It has built-in markdown editor to help you log your daily progress and thoughts.
And the best of all. It's totally free.
Recodin is discontinued

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